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for the Oklahoma Grow Industry.

Ok-Grow Marketing is an Oklahoma-based online marketing company with roots going back to 1994. We write press releases, create websites, employ social media and develop videos that are proven to increase sales and help your business more profitable with less effort. Companies such as Mercedes Benz, Sony, Phillips, and many others have benefitted from our expertise. Give us a call for all your online marketing needs.

Advantages of the B2B Marketplace

One of our most exciting products is the B2B marketplace. Our  Technology makes it possible for growers and processors to sell their products online. 


Dispensaries can benefit from using a B2B marketplace by expanding their product lines. Growers often have products you never knew existed, new varieties, flavors, and innovations that they’re happy to share! End-customers get more variety which leads to happier purchases. Buyers love having a variety of options, and more choices mean they’re more likely to come back.